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Kees Marcelis

Exclusive dealer of the special designs by architect Kees Marcelis

Architect and designer Kees Marcelis has been in the business for over 25 years. Over the years he has developed his own style. His simplicity is characteristic. He knows how to use spaces optimally and he is a wizard with light. His strong interplay of lines gives his designs peace, strength and character. In addition, he is a master of color. His studio contains all conceivable know-how in the field of (interior) architecture. FP Collection is an exclusive dealer of the Kees Marcelis LL collection and the Inside Out lamps.


This furniture line, designed by Kees Marcelis, contains a number of furniture that is characterized by their sleek, sober simplicity. All products are designed almost from one line and shape and therefore radiate peace and simplicity. The collection symbolizes the tone that Kees Marcelis also uses in his (interior) architecture. Nowhere does he think of anything purely for the effect, with every design the essence and aesthetics are sought. In the seating furniture, the L is sometimes almost hidden and sometimes clearly present, giving it individuality and extra character to this line. The L can be emphasized by choosing contrasting colors and materials; ton sur ton colors or a fabric in the same color, but in two variations, for example rough and smooth (der), will yield a more subtle L.


Studio Kees Mareclis designs various projects, including the Volvo garage Harrie Arendsen in Hengelo. In addition, several of his projects can be found on his website.

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