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Magnus Olesen

FP Collection is the exclusive importer of the Danish Design brand Magnus Olesen

Magnus Olesen is a Danish furniture company founded in 1937 by designer Magnus Olesen, they have been developing and producing high quality functional seating furniture and tables in Durup (DK) for almost 85 years. "Our mission is to create original and high quality design furniture that meets the needs and requirements of our customers." FP Collection is the exclusive importer of the Danish Design brand Magnus Olesen.


All designs are provided with the "Danish Furnituremakers" Quality Control "certificate and are suitable for normal to heavy project use. Reliability, quality and innovation are core values of Magnus Olesen.


Magnus Olesen doesn't just put a design into production. The product must come from a good idea and have a purpose, in addition there must be a balance between form and function. Magnus Olesen collaborates with major designers such as:

Busk + Hertzog: Pause series, Session, Session Relax, Contact, Sputnik, Flow, Session Lounge, Session table
Niels Gammelgaard: Butterfly series, Tonica Wood
IB Kofold-Larsen: MODEL 107
Rud Thygesen & Johnny Sørensen: 8000, Mix, Swing
Pelikan Design: Inferno, Opus, Brunch
Strand & Hvass: Sleipner, Bar Table Wood
Friis & Moltke Design: Addi Meeting
Scaffidi Design: Slender
Says Who: Freya, Freya Lounge
Lone Storgaard: I-Sit, Solacia


All designs take the environment into account, since 1990 they have been working with “Green Accounts”, which show the ecological footprint per product.


Numerous wonderful projects have been realized with Magnus Olesen products:

Office projects
Care projects
Public places

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